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Why are we being charged for workbooks?

Changes to Government policy have significantly reduced Careerforce’s funding, and forced us to change how we operate.

The design, printing and distribution of workbooks are a significant cost for Careerforce. Many employers currently do not even open the resources they receive, and continuing to send out workbooks to such workplaces is uneconomic.

Under our new approach, workplaces who value workbooks will be able to purchase them at an affordable price. A proportion of the money received from the sale of workbooks will be invested in the development of new learning resources. 

What payment options are there for resources?

The preferred payment method is credit card or debit card. An option for organisation’s who do not have a credit or debit card is to place orders by using a New Zealand Post Prezzy Card (http://www.nzpost.co.nz/products-services/prepaid-gift-cards/prezzy-cards).

Payments can also be made by cheque however this will incur a $30 administration charge which you will need to add to your cheque. Please be aware that your order will not be processed until the payment has cleared.

Careerforce endeavours to deliver training materials at the lowest possible cost. The processing of credit/debit/prezzy card transactions is handled automatically and requires no manual intervention by Careerforce. The processing of cheques is a manual process which comes at a cost to the Careerforce business and as such attracts this additional charge.

Whilst credit card facilities meet the needs of many, we are aware that there are a lot of organisations who require an alternative payment method. As such, we recently introduced a direct credit facility to the Careerforce Shop. There is no administration fee to pay by direct credit.

Which qualifications do I need to purchase learning resources for?

Learning resources (such as workbooks) and trainee’s assessments for Foundation Skills version 3 need to be purchased separately from shop.careerforce.org.nz. Those undertaking Gateway (www.careerforce.org.nz/careerforce-gateway) or Additional Unit Standard programmes (www.careerforce.org.nz/additional-units) will also need to purchase materials from shop.careerforce.org.nz

Learning resources and trainee’s assessments for Core Competencies version 5 will also need to be purchased from shop.careerforce.org.nz. This qualification is available for enrolment from 15 August 2011.

It is currently not necessary to purchase resources for any other Careerforce qualifications. 

Why should I continue to train my workforce – it is getting very expensive?

Despite the changes the cost of Careerforce-supported training remains very affordable. The qualification fee for Foundation Skills version 3 is $200 GST inclusive. 

Ultimately, workplaces that train their staff will benefit from:

  • Reduce cost of turnover
  • Increase demand for service due to good reputation
  • Improve retention & recruitment
  • Increase job satisfaction

Can I use the new trainee’s assessments with older versions of workbooks?

It is possible to use the new trainee's assessments for all the old workbooks except for Rights 23686 which requires the new workbook as it has additional content.

Can I access free Trainee's assessments?

Yes. Trainee's assessments (and the earlier trainee assessment portfolios)  can be accessed as PDFs for free at  www.careerforce.org.nz/trainee-assessments

Professionally printed trainee's assessments can be purchased at shop.careerforce.org.nz for $5 each (plus GST and freight) .   

Why do the prices of workbooks vary?

Premium workbooks are available for the four compulsory unit standards in Foundation Skills, and for all new Foundation Skills unit standards. There is also a premium workbook available for an infection control unit standard (20826).  Premium workbooks contain enhanced literacy features. Such features include language that is easier to understand and sample answers that help guide trainees as to what is expected. Over time all new Foundation Skills unit standards will have these features. Premium workbooks are professionally designed and full colour. They cost $20 each (plus GST and freight).

For a limited time Careerforce’s existing workbooks are also able to be purchased at shop.careerforce.org.nz.  These works are available while stocks last, and cost $10 each (plus GST and freight).

In August 2011 Careerforce will be launching a new range of economy workbooks to coincide with the availability of Core Competencies version 3. Economy workbooks will be spiral bound. They have a more basic design and contain limited use of colour. Economy workbooks will be $15 each.

Who do I contact if I haven't received my materials?

All orders are fulfilled and dispatched by Federal Print. 

You should receive your order within 10 days of receiving your order confirmation.
If you have a problem with your order then please contact Federal Print. 

Can I photocopy a workbook?

Under the Copyright Act 1994 no more than 10% of a publication can be photocopied and/or electronically copied.

Is the Glossary and Study Hints free?

The Glossary and Study Hints resource provides learning support for trainees in Foundation Skills and Core Competencies. It is free when purchasing sets of compulsory workbooks and is provided free at literacy professional development workshops. In all other circumstances it is $20 (plus GST and freight).

The resource is also available as a free PDF on the Careerforce website (www.careerforce.org.nz/educator-supports)

What is the shipping cost?

Careerforce has worked to minimise the cost paid for shipping learning and assessment resources. For every 8 items the shipping cost is $5 (+GST). This is demonstrated below:

1-8 items:$5

9-16 items:$10

17 -24 items:$15

25 -32 items:$20